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medical equipment


CANWAY medical equipment suppliers in Dubai, uae is the best trusted and respected name in the field of healthcare, dedicated to providing high-quality medical equipment and supplies to healthcare professionals, patients, hospital, clinics and caregivers. With a commitment to improving the quality of healthcare delivery, CANWAY medical equipment has become a cornerstone of the medical equipment industry. 

CANWAY medical equipment being the best medical supplier in Dubai, uae focus on Quality Assurance, Expert Guidance, Customer-Centric Approach. CANWAY medical equipment provide service to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Oman and all over uae

We focus our medical equipment distribution all over African and other part of the world While we provide all sorts of of product from medical furniture, from dental chair, derma bed, patient monitors, ECG to ultrasonic medical equipment we try to provide best of the class leading medical equipment to our consumer with best customer satisfaction  

With our sister company AL SAHEL medical equipment company provide service to healthcare professionals, patients, hospital, clinics and caregivers. Together providing tailored solutions to meet individual client needs set it apart in the industry.

We provide and supply medical equipment products and services with the best quality while keeping prices affordable. Together providing tailored solutions to meet individual client needs set it apart in the industry.


CANWAY medical equipment and suppliers company , our mission is to transform and distribute  healthcare medical equipment through, quality, accessibility and at best price. We are dedicated to supply top of the class medical equipment and service that empower healthcare professionals, improve patient care, and contribute to healthier communities worldwide. Partnering with best medical equipment manufactures to distribute and supply the innovated and life saving medical equipment.

Our perception is to be a UNITED ARAB EMIRATES best Medical Equipment supplier, setting new industry standards for quality, performance, accessibility while providing  best customer service. We partner with best medical equipment manufactures across the world to provide the high-end medical equipment to customers and to suppliers across the globe at best price for providing  and supporting health care department.

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement in medical equipment product we provide is our top priority while  doing business and providing service to community or health sector.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and actively involved in the business of supplying Dental Medical and Surgical equipment, Pharmaceutical products, Disposables and all Medical Equipment .

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